Wednesday, January 16, 2008


North America is all about multiculturalism, there are people from all over the world living in North America, but in reality that is not what we see in the movies, television shows and commercials we see on a everyday basis. The movies, television shows and commercials in North America are highly numbered with mainly Caucasian people. Since North American is known for its extremely multicultural atmosphere, the media is unable to meet the expectations of equally representing the various ethnicities that are present to the society itself. The ethnic diversity in North America has been increasing by a great number every year, yet we are not able to see these numerous cultures in the daily television shows that are viewed by the society itself.

The multiculturalism in television and the media is currently becoming an issue in some aspects; reasons being, that the diversity is only being shown in a negative perspective and is being shown in means of stereotype or discrimination (All Arabs are terrorists and all African American people are gangsters and more). An example for the stereotyping of various cultures in the media would be the Lakota commercial that appears on the CH network; the broadcasting of the Lakota advertisement is showing the community or at least the viewers of the commercial that the Aboriginals are known to wear silly outfits -which are traditional to them - and are able to relieve pain in an instant. This example and many other fall greatly into discrimination of ethnic groups from around the world.

Even though North America is known for its ethnic diversity and for adopting numerous cultures into its own; the media is contradicting itself. It is doing this by showing the viewers and their most likely target audience that they are wanting to illustrate more "varied and multicultural programs and broadcastings", yet the media is only presenting certain ethnic groups to the community, at which stereotyping and discrimination is coming into play.

Unfortunately, the ideal model of a person that we see in the media is to be a Caucasian person, along with the certain groups of ethnicities on television. The media is hiring and broadcasting the more sexual and "better looking" people (in their perspective) and are giving them the jobs and work. The media in the North American lifestyle is not looking at the people around the world that have talents and are able to be known for something that could change the world, but want to sell their product and are willing do anything to make a profit.

Now, even though the diversity and national multiplicity that we see in the media is not as immense, it is showing more mixture and multiculturalism then it has had in the recent past five years. Ethnical diversity is a crucial factor in the media for it shows what North America is made up of and in North America there the blacks, Chinese, Japanese, South Asian, Middle Eastern, and many other countless ethnicities. Diversity in the media is very much needed, and not just having people of different ethnicities but showing people of different ethnicities doing things that we in today’s society only see Caucasian people doing. I believe that if we stop judging people on their appearance and beliefs, but look at what’s in the inside we can really change the world.

My group members and I were assigned to watch for diversity in animated sitcoms and here is what we found: