Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blogging for Dummies

Top 10 Tips for Blogging

1. Write your opinions
2. Link everything
3. Write Less
4. 250 words does the
6. Include bullet point lists
7. Make your posts easy to scan
8. Be consistent with your
9. Use Keywords in posts
10. Edit your post

When writing a blog always keep in mind that you are the writer and people are reading your blogs to see what you think so always write about your own opinions and beliefs. After writing your blog and using any pictures on your blog make sure you link all the material that you use. Ever heard of less is more, you should never write too much in a blog because people are busy and are not willing to read an essay 250 words usually does the trick. Headlines should always be catchy because that’s the first thing people read and if the head line isn’t catchy they most like wont read the blog. Don’t always use paragraph format, try switching to bullet points, people love bullet points they are faster to read. Always use the same writing style when writing blogs because you don’t want to confuse people and try to make it easier for people to scan through your blogs. Use lost of key words in your head lines from your blog posts so people can search them easier and find what they are looking for. Lastly always re-read and edit you blog posts, if you follow this 10 steps you well on your way to successful blogging!

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