Monday, January 14, 2008

Just like everybody else

Arabs and Muslims have been and still are portrayed as terrorists, killers and suicidal people, in Hollywood movies. However, Arabs and Muslims are people just like you and me, who go to school, go to malls, parties and everything else like people in the western side of the world. This image that has been given to these people is wrong and incorrect, and to show the rest of the world that they are normal people, just like everyone else, I am going to make a series of advertisement videos that show images of incorrect stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims and then show images of “Real” Arabs and Muslims. Every video of pictures will have a caption and at the end of the advertisement there will be a phone number to call to learn more about real Arab and Muslims people. The reason I would preferably chose this type of media is because pictures contain more than a thousand words and I believe that a picture can really open peoples eyes and teach them what the truth is. My specific audience for this media form would be males and females of all ages, because people everyone should see the truth because the past can’t be changed, but the present can and the future of false portrayals of Arabs and Muslims can be avoided. Also, to reassure I am getting my message across to people they will be asked a couple of questions about whether the advertisement changed their perspective on these people, and what they learned that they didn’t know before, this is if they chose to call the number at the end of the advertisements.

Unknown. "Arabic women playing football in veils." Unknown. Online image. January 14 2007.


samburns said...
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samburns said...

I think this is a good idea, but I highly doubt that anyone would call the number at the end of the commercial or at the bottom of a picture. You would have to pay people to work to answer the phones are talk to people and explain to them what Arabs are really like, where would you get this money from? What would the pictures have on them? I think it would be very hard to show how Arabs are portrayed incorrectly in a photo. Over-all I think it was a good thought, but it would never work in real life.

Mike McNally said...

I kind of have to agree with Sam on this one. I like the fact that you said "a picture is worth a thousand words" which is true, but, as Sam said, I do not think that a picture would change the minds of masses. People now'adays are hard to convince, they need the real stuff, like video, or to be there in first person. I just don't think a picture would nessecarily change anyones interpretations towards Arabs. And who knows if that picture is even real? Photo manipulationnnnn, that is hard to do with video.