Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Media is part of our environemt

I think that media literacy is important because it shows us as people what we used to be like in the past and why we are what we are today. Media shows us what part of the world we are living in and what are the norms in that part of the world. It is a major source of modern culture and entertainment and also requires us to learn to use critical thinking skills, to take apart media products using the Media Studies Triangle, which includes the Text, the Audience and the Production. Media is one of the biggest businesses around the world; if one was too succeeded in the business they could go very far and make a very good living. It defines how we as a society communicate with each other, what terms are in and what terms aren’t anymore, it keeps people up-to-date. Technology is improving everyday, and media keeps us all up to date with all of the new kinds of technology, making it feel welcome and not different and unaccepted by us, because we all know that to humans different is weird. Media has become a part of our environment, we see it everywhere we go, and it’s become like trees, mountains, rivers, oceans and more, which have been here since the begging of time. It influences us, it helps us chose who we want to be, what we want to be and why we want to be it by explaining everything to us even if we don’t need to hear it. People should know about media because there is a lot of thought put into it and it’s a carefully planned and constructed product. Now media may sound all great but it is not always there to help people it is also used to get people to do things like buy what they don’t need. So people should learn the language of media, the terms in media and not fall into the trap of media. Media literacy is importantand people should study the media BECAUSE THE MEDIA GO TO GREAT LENGTHS TO STUDY YOU!

Unknown. "Billboards". Unknown. Online image. January 16,2007

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